WP and video on future of global trade now available


Thought leaders from business and academia have addressed the uncertainty facing the international trade environment as it emerges from the Covid-19 economic crisis.

Following the success of the first event in the series ‘From crisis to opportunity: what is the future of trade?’ the global provider of credit insurance, bonding and surety, collections and information services, Atradius, has published a white paper and video of the event. Titled, ’How Covid-19 changed global trade forever’ both the paper and summary video can be accessed via the Atradius website. The video is additionally available on the Atradius YouTube channel. An audience of almost 3,000 people including brokers, agents, customers, Atradius staff and others watched the interactive event live.

Christine Gerryn, Director Group Communications & Commercial Development said:  “Our goal is to create a series of virtual events of high quality, that provide clear answers and talking points to the most pressing questions facing businesses around the world today. We are delighted on the number of attendees who joined our first event. We have developed a white paper and a summary video to share to all, to people who attended the event and the ones who were unable to make the event live but are interested in the topic”.

She added: “The second event in this series, How trade relationships and tariffs affect trade worldwide, will be broadcast live on March 25 at 4pm CET.”

You can learn more about the next event in the series here: