Atradius Atrium

Atradius Atrium is our new online platform that gives you all you need for managing your policies and applying for credit limits in one place, in real time.




Atradius Atrium | Credit management portal




Atradius Atrium brings your credit insurance policy information and business intelligence – including Atradius Insights – together into one single, secure access portal. Designed for ease of use, it provides instant access to information on your customers – your buyers – in a single summary screen. As your credit management hub, it gives you access to your policies and tools, market intelligence, buyer ratings and publications, enabling you to enhance your credit management processes.

To make the transition to Atradius Atrium as smooth as possible, you will be able to continue to use Serv@Net and Atradius Insights in tandem with Atradius Atrium for now. By the end of this year, we will switch to the single Atradius Atrium platform.

Access all you need in one place

As an online platform, you can access Atradius Atrium from any place and time that suits you 24/7. Its functionality is designed to support your business in helping you to manage risk and enable trade. This includes providing you with the ability to apply for and receive decisions on credit limits, as well as accessing buyer intelligence included in Atradius Insights.

Atradius Atrium is live now with the features listed below:

  • Find and create accounts for your buyers
  • Get an instant overview of your portfolio and manage administration of policy details including the ability to apply for, receive decisions on, view and maintain your credit limits
  • Access information about your buyers
  • Access Atradius Insights to manage your portfolio in a smarter way
  • View key publications relevant to your country and trade sector 
  • Manage your accounts where and how you want to, whether from a desktop or tablet
  • Benefit from multilingual and multicurrency functionality

This is just the start of what Atradius Atrium can offer. Additional functionality will become available over the next few months.

The online platform you’ve always wanted to use

Atradius Atrium was born out of the successes of Serv@Net and Atradius Insights.
Our customers told us they liked the online management option of Serv@Net and the intuitive simplicity of our business intelligence portal, Atradius Insights. We took this feedback and developed Atradius Atrium.

The information presented focuses on your accounts and your buyers. But Atradius Atrium is not just about information. It is a tool that enables you to apply for and get decisions on credit limits. When you apply for a credit limit on a customer, default options for cover are presented. Just choose what is right for you, confirm, and if we can offer you the cover, you are good to go. If we cannot provide immediate cover, we’ll explain why.  

For a demonstration of how Atradius Atrium can help you, see our video.



Atradius Atrium for brokers and agents

We provide dedicated overviews and information to manage everything from single to multiple policies and portfolios for brokers and agents. A secure log in enables you to access the information you require to help you improve interactions with your customers, become part of their business model and add value.

Atradius Atrium – the next steps

Our planned growth of Atradius Atrium is in line with our philosophy that, in business, nothing stands still and it is therefore important to develop systems and processes that have the strength and flexibility to grow. This means, you’ll soon be able to notify us of non-payments, submit claims and access our debt collection services in this platform.


Aiheeseen liittyviä sivuja

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